We manage all of the needs of your group and will always provide a specialized staff member to assist you in your native language. Our services include: registration of tournaments and competitions, management of friendly matches and providing coaches, physical therapists and other sports technicians. We also handle sports equipment, rental and reservation of facilities, accommodation, meals, transportation, sightseeing, cultural and leisure activities, language courses and additional services to suit your needs.

Always with specialized staff that speak your native language


  • Sports services. Management and booking of facilities, sports equipment, training and technical sports staff, tournament registrations, friendly matches etc.
    • Facility management:: We facilitate the booking and rental of the best facilities to fit your needs.
    • HR management: : We provide you with the best professionals: coaches, physical trainers, physical therapists, support staff and more.
    • Sports equipment: We prepare all of the materials and sports equipment that you need for your event, training and/or tournaments.
    • Participation in tournaments, friendly matches and competitions: We manage your participation in tournaments, competitions and friendly meetings with local clubs and teams.
  • Leisure and training: Tourist and cultural visits, languages courses, active tourism activities, theme parks, etc.
    • Leisure: We manage tours (historical center, nature parks, museums, etc.), theme parks and recreational sports activities that include: diving, paddle boarding, surfing, golf, volleyball, go-karts, discoteca clubs, culinary tours, adventure sports and more.
    • Education: Complete your experience with Spanish lessons. We manage schedules and arrange classes with professional instructors.
    • Tailor-made services: We customize our services according to your wants and needs: group dynamics, training sessions, technical talks, relaxation/rest days, nightlife, etc.
  • Logistics: Transportation, accommodation, handling equipment, purchases, reservations, tickets, etc.
    • Accommodation: We manage accommodation by finding what you are looking for and getting you the best rates: hotels, apartments, hostels, student residences, etc.
    • Transportation: We hire buses and other vehicles for transportation.
    • Transfers: We handle transportation from the airport to the hotel and back, to and from excursions and any other transportation needs.
    • Food handling: We manage your dietary needs according to your specifications: regimented diets, vegetarian, religious, etc.
  • Extras: Video and photo services
    • Video Service: Audiovisual reporting of your sports tour, streaming transmission of your matches and training, recording of matches and player tracking in order to check your progress, refine your technique and build on your experience.
    • Photography: Professional sports photography service for group, team and individual photos, as well as pictures from tournaments, training sessions and more.
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